Are you 62+ ?

Thinking of downsizing, moving closer to the family, or finally buying that dream home?

Did you know that you can do it without ever having to make a mortgage payment, while at the same time freeing up cash to enjoy your retirement or invest for future needs?

Talk to me about the HECM-For-Purchase Program for 62+ Buyers

The safe, government-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) allows you to use the equity from the sale of your previous home, or money from savings to fund the purchase of a new dream home with a 50% down payment and NEVER HAVING TO MAKE A MORTGAGE PAYMENT.

The Program allows you to:

  • Downsize for more affordable living
  • Upsize with no mortgage payments
  • Move into a senior community
  • Move closer to family

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • No monthly mortgage payment, ever
  • FHA insured loan safety
  • Maintain net appreciation when you sell
  • A non-recourse loan – If you ever owe more than your home is worth when you sell, the FHA takes care of the difference – the security of never ever having to relive 2009
  • Minimal credit and income requirements
  • Potentially supplement your income
  • Closing costs financed into the mortgage
  • Always retain full title to your home