• Did you know that a home loan can be paid off in only 7-9 years with payments that are the same as traditional 30-year loan payments while at the same time easily saving more than $100,000 in interest costs? Ask me about Dynamic Banking or a 1st lien Line Of Credit.
  • Did you know that buyers can get a 100%, full money-back guarantee for what they paid for a house if anything was missed in the inspection? This means that the days of buying a lemon-house are over. Ask me how.
  • Did you know that you can use the equity in your home to buy another home and then rent your existing home and use the income to pay off your new home? Why give your equity and income away?
  • Did you know that being represented by a Buyer’s Agent is a zero-cost service to Buyers because Sellers pay all of the Realtor commissions? The service saves them all the hunting, researching, negotiating, contracting, legal paperwork, inspection-ordering, and closing stress and management, and it’s all for free.
  • Did you know that Sellers who don’t want to make updates or repairs before selling can often net more money than those who do? This happens when their Listing Agent markets their home to Buyers who want to use special purchase-renovation loans that allow them to include all the improvements that they want and pay them off together with the home purchase over the full term of the loan. This saves Sellers time, headaches, and money.
  • Did you know that if Sellers are moving to another city, that their Listing Agent can introduce a no-cost cooperating Buyer’s Agent in that city? The two will then work together to synchronize closings and avoid furniture moving delays and issues. Ask me how.
  • Did you know that a Listing Agent can arrange a turnkey contractor service that prepares a home for sale? Sellers don’t have to do anything except to get out of the way and relax. The service advises on the most cost-effective work that needs to be done, does it all, and then waits until the home has been sold to be paid.
  • Did you know that Buyers can buy a home with a zero-down, government-backed mortgage loan with no strings attached? This means that to buy a home this way, only a reasonable FICO and closing costs are needed.
  • Did you know that one can sell a home and become the Buyer’s Lender? This means that instead of putting the proceeds of a sale into a savings account and earning less interest than the rate of inflation, a seller can loan the purchase price to a Buyer, secure the loan with a 1st mortgage on the home (just like banks do) and enjoy a much greater interest rate and income. The loan can also do double duty with Infinite Banking. Ask me how.
  • Did you know that a Listing Agent can pay for a pre-marketing home inspection to alert Sellers about any deficiencies that Buyers can discover and use as leverage to renegotiate the purchase price? I do it to avoid headaches.
  • Did you know that many homebuyers can get generous down-payment assistance in the form of a 2nd mortgage which is forgiven after five years if they don’t move out in that time? Who said that there’s nothing free in life?
  • Did you know that homebuyers can improve the energy efficiency of their new home and live more comfortably by including green upgrades like high-performance air-conditioning, water heating, insulation, and thermal windows, and include them in their home purchase financing without having to qualify for the extra. In addition, the energy savings can be used to accelerate loan repayments thereby saving interest and paying off the loan sooner.
  • Did you know that some listing agents pay for pre-listing appraisals for their sellers to use as marketing tools to increase Buyer confidence and to ensure that they will be able to get financing? I do it to eliminate timewasters.
  • Did you know that one can rent almost any home that is for sale on the MLS for up to five years with the right to buy it at any time? Without any fee to pay or money to lose, this lets one try-before-you-buy a home without the obligation to ever buy. This is a great program for those who need time to build credit before applying for a loan.
  • Did you know that you can finance the purchase of a home with a loan that allows you to include all the upgrades that you want to make so that you don’t have to spend any money out of pocket to make it your dream home?  Why settle for someone else’s taste and choices instead of your very own?
  • Did you know that our Realtor AI can now make home buying decisions easier? Consider the decision to hold off buying a home or not because of needing time to save for a larger down payment. AI can now calculate how much you may be able to save by purchasing with a low-down payment and Private Mortgage Insurance now rather than waiting to save a 20% down payment while home prices and interest rates could increase. It can also show you how much you need to save each month to meet the 20%-down goal and how much you will spend on rent while waiting to buy. It can even show you how your home loan payments can change if interest rates and/or home prices increase while you’re hesitating. Let me know if you would like me to run your “what ifs” by our AI. It costs nothing and empowers you with better information so you can make better decisions and save money.