I reward our buyers and sellers with a unique incentive package as a thank you for doing business with me.

It starts with our fully paid 6-point NO-LEMON-HOUSE PURCHASE PLAN. This is how the plan works.

First, we will pay for your professional home inspection to reveal any defects with the home and provide contractor cost estimates to remedy them.

We will also have the home inspected for unwanted residents, such as termites, wildlife, snakes, critters, scorpions, bats, and rodents.

Then, to protect you against potential or hidden faults that can't be inspected, we will purchase five peace-of-mind warranties for you,

beginning with Mold Coverage so that you wont risk living in a home contaminated by mold.

Next, we will include a 5-year Roof Leak Protection Plan,

and a warranty that covers the fresh and wastewater lines to and from your home.

Also included is a Structural, mechanical, electrical, and gas-line warranty,

and a Buy-Back Guarantee of satisfaction if anything was missed in your free inspection.

You will also receive a free membership to Recall-chek, a service that alerts you of existing and future home appliances safety recalls and get them repaired or replaced for free.

Then, to take the hassle out of moving, and at no cost to you, we will refer you to a free service that helps you activate your utilities at the best prices and schedule the installation of home services such as internet, cable, phone, security, and more.

Finally, because we know how tough it is not knowing anyone when you move to a new area, our additional bonus to you to thank you for doing business with us is to give you a jump start.

We will do this by giving you our list of trusted local contactors and service providers so that you know exactly who to call for everything on the first day that you move in.

And last but most certainly not least, our bonus incentive is that we will pay for your home appraisal because we know how your closing costs quickly add up and we want you to know that we appreciate you and your business.