Living in a home that saves money instead of a one that loses money is a smart choice

Depending on your choice of features, your money-saving home could:

  • Cost less to own
  • Have a higher resale value
  • Resell faster
  • Provide potential tax credit opportunities
  • Be energy and water efficient

Money–Saving Homes include some or all of the following features and more:

  • Home air sealing–To eliminate a major cause of energy losses in a home
  • PV solar-electric system–To reduce buying power by generating free solar electricity while receiving a credit from the power company for the excess production
  • High-performance attic insulation and solar fans–To create a cool attic so that air-ducts can deliver conditioned air efficiently and without costly losses
  • High-performance thermal windows–to reduce air-conditioning and heating costsEnergy efficient heating and cooling–To reduce the cost of the biggest energy guzzler in any home
  • Hybrid or instant water heater –To reduce the cost of the 2ndbiggest energy guzzler in any home
  • Variable speed pool pump –To reduce the cost of the 3rdbiggest energy guzzler for any pool home

We offer buyers of new homes our money-saving home expertise to help make green upgrade choices. Our pre-owned homes are more appealing for buyers to buy, while sellers sell easier and faster with multiple green upgrade contractor bids on hand for buyers to choose from and include in all-in-one financing. To make this happen, our lead AP certified real estate Eco-Broker and his team of Associates, Energy Raters, andGreen Lending Specialists are at your service


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