Avoid Price Reduction Negotiations

A unique service that I offer to sellers who list with me

Problem: Buyers negotiate price reductions when their home inspections detect visible faults or anticipate hidden potential faults with a home.

Solution: My strategy is to eliminate visible faults and hidden potential faults, thereby removing all reasons for any price reduction. How?

  • I arrange a pre-listing inspection to remove all visible faults before marketing
  • I introduce warranty coverage that will eliminate all hidden potential faults:

Extended Home Warranty

3 Free additional months on their annual Home Warranty, a $120 savings

Sewer and Waterline Warranty

Coverage against failure due to normal wear and tear of your sewer and water lines shortly after you move into your new home

Roof Leak Protection Plan

5-year Roof Protection Plan provides protection for roof leak failures due to normal wear and tear or deterioration. This policy covers all residential roof types

Mold Remediation Coverage

Remediation coverage against any mold discovered by a buyer after moving into the home

Structural And Mechanical Warranty

A professional repair warranty to repair structural and mechanical faults after the buyer moves in

Bonus Reason: Not only do the above measures prevent price reduction negotiations, but they also provide additional home features that can be used to market the home more aggressively.

A unique service that I offer to sellers who list with me

See if your home qualifies and what it could sell for as a home with optional upgrades.